Celebrate with Us! (Macarons Giveaway!)

Macarons Giveaway, Till the End of July!

As a mark of celebration of our launch today, we will be giving away a FREE Box of Macarons to one lucky winner EVERYDAY, till the end of July!

girl holding up pink macaron
small box of mixed macarons

Here’s how to win:

  1. Follow our Instagram page (@addictivebakes)
  2. LIKE & TAG-A-FRIEND in any of our latest Instagram posts!
  3. DONE!

We’ll be picking the lucky winner at random at the end of each day!

All the Best!

Addictive Bakes Team

P.S. Use promo code “ADDICTED5” at checkout to enjoy $5 OFF any item on our Online Store. (PROMO ENDED)

Stay sparkling,

Addictive Bakes Team

Thanks for reading ♥

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