Being in the creative space of cake design has made me realise that it’s always important to constantly innovate with new flavours and designs. Seeing new creations that pop up everyday from fellow bakers I follow on Instagram makes me so happy and excited! It inspires me to do the same too.

From the baking to the designing, I believe that each step of the process has to be well taken care of in order to make a cake extraordinary. With this is mind, our new range of cakes that will be launching this March strives to bring to you just that — with pretty sprinkles, new flavours, and new designs!

1. Nae Nae

There’s a reason why this showed up first on the list — everything about it just screams FUN! Did I mention about how cute those mini bananas are? Its so whimsical and playful!

2. Gold Digger

A white and gold ensemble that would instantly jazz up any cake.

3. Ice Queen

Frozen feels anyone? A bright blue to liven up the cake and give it a pop of colour.

4. Mr Gatsby

Perfect for a monochrome and classy look.

5. Rose Gold

Rose pink & Gold, such a pretty yet sophisticated colour combination!

6. Serendipity

The mix of metallics with a white and pink base is so lovely!

7. Black Widow

Going for a sultry and bold look? Black Widow, in all of its darkness and glory, will be your ideal pick.

That’s it for now! If you made it till this far, you are AWESOME! Stay tuned for the new cake range, we can’t wait to share them with you!

Stay sparkling,

Addictive Bakes Team

Thanks for reading ♥

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