Behind the Cakes: Summer Floral Cakes

Recently I’ve done quite a number of desserts and cakes around the theme of SUMMER with fun and bright colours! I thought it’d be nice to share with you a compilation of these cakes, hopefully, to inspire and help anyone during times where they want to order a cake but don’t know where to start.

  1. Tutti Frutti

Pineapple top, Watermelon base with painted fruits.

This was a cake inspired by ‘TUTTI FRUTTI’ theme! I really like this design because usually, most cakes on this theme would be decorated into a bottom tier, matched with a pineapple decorated to on top. However, the client and I decided to take a twist on the design and came up with adding painted fruits onto the bottom tier with a watermelon colour scheme as the background. (P.S. the painted fruits and pineapple top are fully edible!)

I painted each fruit by hand and gave a good variety of fruits. As I was assembling the cake, the colours came together beautifully and felt like the cake really seamlessly fitted into the party’s theme, design and set up!

       2. Rose Gold Florals

Light pink watercolour finish with Rose, Daisy and Macaron wreath. Finished with cascading rose gold foil.

I really feel this cake emulates my personal style as I LOVE rose gold ? it’s really my favourite metallic shade. Inspired by a rose gold theme, the cake was finished with a watercolour effect (light link) and a cascading rose gold foil to draw the eye up towards the flower wreath and macarons.

The small daisies and green foliage also gave a touch of contrast and also gave the eye breaks in between the overall pink colour scheme.

       3. Flower Basket

Peonies, roses, hydrangeas and chrysanthemum flower basket with cascading petals. Finished with a rustic swirl.

This was one of the latest floral cakes I made, specially using Korean glossy buttercream instead of Swiss meringue buttercream. Inspired by flower bouquets, I arranged the flowers (peonies, roses, hydrangeas and chrysanthemum) in a dome-like shape! The cake was also finished with a rustic swirl to give off an organic and pottery-clay vase look.


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